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‘Any’ is the Key Word in Mobile Technology

Robert Regis Hyle | April 28, 2014

The three “any’s” are ruling the mobile world these days: any time, any place, and any way you want to communicate or do business. These three aspects of life today continue to amaze.

Last weekend I was in Nashville, Tenn., to watch my daughter run in that city’s Rock and Roll Marathon (certainly a misnomer for the home of country music). Marathon running is decidedly not a spectator sport, but mobile technology added a great deal to the experience and enjoyment for fans of the racers.

By signing up for a free app I received text messages and Facebook updates on my smartphone that not only allowed me to keep track of her time, but know where she was on the course and when the best opportunity was to see her run by and offer encouragement. (By the way, the best sign I saw read: “Way to go random stranger.”)

The ability to stay connected is important for many of us and the any time, any place, any way aspect of business today is the biggest facet.

The fun opportunities of mobility are unquestioned, but the business functions are what will drive acceptance and performance as we move forward, away from a desktop world. The ITA is a perfect example of this. We still use the traditional distribution method of paper magazines sent via the U.S. Postal Service—think the independent agency model.

We also offer a desktop version for those who enjoy going paperless, but can’t tear themselves away from their office computer or laptop. Think of this as more of a direct writer model.

Finally, we have apps available through Google, Apple, and Amazon (and if you are an ITA member you really need to sign up for this easy to use, easy to read app). This is the model insurance carriers need to have available for their customers as those customers come to rely on newer and more mobile communication devices.

Admit it, you are doing things in a mobile environment that you never dreamed possible and never thought would be a requirement in your life. Yet they are and they will continue to change your life as we move further along the technology trail.    

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