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1insurer Releases Latest Version of Its Core Administration Suite

Staff Writer | April 01, 2016

1insurer announces the launch of the latest update to the 1insurer Suite, a modular core administration solution designed to help insurers increase revenues, minimize claim costs, and communicate proactively with customers on their platform of choice. Most prominently, 1insurer version 7.5 includes the launch of 1insurer Connect, which expands the suite's digital capabilities.

"The ability to communicate based on customer preference enhances customer experience through omni-channel interactions and will enable insurers to satisfy customers' expectations while maximizing the sales and service opportunities through a rounded, positive user experience," says Mitch Letho, executive vice president, global product management at 1insurer.

1insurer Connect launches with the immediate availability of the Agent Connect portal. The digital enhancements delivered through Agent Connect will enable agents and brokers to generate increased levels of business with faster access to priority information within a "click and action" framework. This empowers agents and brokers to prioritize and act on outstanding customer inquiries (quotes, renewals, billing issues), or submit claims rapidly on behalf of the customer using the customer's preferred communication platform.

The latest release of the 1insurer Suite enables 1insurer's customers to take advantage of new functionality which speeds up the implementation process and introduces improved customer service capabilities in three key areas: 

Improving Communication and Service Delivery:  A range of improvements in customer communication, enabling insurance organizations to respond rapidly to customer inquiries, maximizing sales and service opportunities, including:

  • Enhanced email communication, integrated web chat and "Google-esque" search capabilities, speeding up the load of key customer information;
  • Consolidated "information at-a-glance" presentation of all communication issued/received and the ability to assign multiple contact methods for each type of contact (bill, claim etc.) to better match customer requirements in a new world of multi-platform communication; and
  • Automated complaints compliance, providing the best possible chance of a positive outcome from any difficult situation.

Delivering Efficiency Improvements: Enhancements designed to automate or support key areas of the operation, improving the speed of response and the volume of work delivered, including:

  • The ability to easily integrate/communicate with third-party network suppliers to better manage repair costs and improve the quality of customer claim services;
  • Improvements to integrated operational planning tools empowering clients to optimize efficiencies through more responsive, flexible work distribution; and
  • Real-time operational reporting capabilities improved through suite integration with the Exago toolset.

Lowering Operational Costs:  Developments designed to reduce the cost of implementing and managing the suite, including:

  • An expanded range of pre-built industry integrations adding six major suppliers to the existing set, and simplifying the set-up of these services in the drive for reduced costs;
  • Extensive data pre-fill to improve operational accuracy; and
  • A re-architected rating engine that speeds up the process of defining and loading pricing structures and enhancing the interaction with third-party distributors, such as aggregators.

"We are delivering a suite built for the emerging digital future in which customers will communicate instinctively across a range of devices, depending on their circumstances at the time, and demand the same from their agent and insurer in return, at speeds thought unachievable in the past," says Letho. "If agents and insurers are not able to deliver to this expectation then customers will move elsewhere.  The 1insurer Suite is built for this future, and can deliver to these expectations today."

To support the company's new brand, a web site has been launched at   

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