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Agencyport adds 15 ACORD Certified Experts

Staff Writer | October 15, 2015

At the beginning of 2015, Agencyport Software set out to become the industry solution provider with the most ACORD Certified Experts (ACEs). ACORD, the global insurance data standards and services organization, presents the ACE designation to individuals who demonstrate expertise in ACORD implementations. 

At the Agencyport annual conference in September, ACORD’s chief learning officer Beth Grossman awarded 15 Agencyport employees their ACE designations. This brought the company’s total to 18 ACORD Certified Experts, which she called the highest percentage of ACEs on staff of any vendor in the industry. While another vendor has an equal number of ACEs on staff, it employs over 10,000, compared to Agencyport’s 100-plus employees.

Driving the ACE initiative at Agencyport is long-time data standards specialist Caleen Alexanderson, who conducts trainings on ACORD AL3 and XML Data Standards, as well as ACORD’s history and governance process. 

“The ratio of ACEs to employees at Agencyport guarantees that when carriers work with us on a project, they’ll have an ACE on the team,” says Alexanderson.

“As insurance technology develops more rapidly, the industry demands the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency that ACORD Standards bring,” says Grossman. “When a small company like Agencyport invests so deeply in the ACE program, it shows strong belief in the value of the standards.”

In addition to its staff ACEs, Agencyport also offers ACE training and proctored testing to its customer base. This year the company hosted an ACE Boot Camp at its annual conference where candidates spent several hours reviewing material in an interactive learning environment with ACORD staff and Alexanderson, and took their certification exams.

In January 2016, Agencyport will offer proctored ACE exams monthly. Any current participants in the ACE program may register for an exam.  

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