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An Inside Look at Next Week’s IASA Conference

Robert Regis Hyle | May 30, 2017

As many insurance technology professionals prepare to travel to Orlando for next week’s IASA annual conference they will be happy to know the program will be one that gives them an opportunity to learn quite a bit about the new opportunities available through technology.

The ITA is once again publishing the IASA Show Daily and it is my privilege to get an inside look on what is planned for the conference, which runs from June 4-7. The recurring theme is innovation and it goes beyond just the IT field to include those attending on the accounting, risk, and finance side of the business.

We’ve written at length about the need for those on the business side to become more aware of what technology can do for the entire industry beyond better core solutions. In fact, the ARF super session will look at how technology is changing risk factors for carriers. The future of many insurance lines could be altered dramatically over the next decade and the business side better be prepared.

While the top keynote speakers may not have the luster of some of the keynotes in recent years, the accomplishments and stories of former astronaut Capt. Scott Kelly, TV pitchman Mike Rowe, and wonder woman Robyn Benincasa are just the tip of the IASA iceberg. IASA selected professional speakers from a variety of areas to lead the super sessions, and the executive roundtables.

The IASA has also partnered with the Global Insurance Accelerator to bring together what might be one of the more entertaining programs of the conference: the IASA Tech Tank. Modeled after the TV program “Shark Tank,” the GIA has assembled a half dozen insurtech companies who will make their pitches to a panel of “sharks.”

We read (and write) so much about insurtech that it is sometimes difficult to grasp real-world uses for these new technologies. This will give insurers an idea of what is taking place in the market and what carriers of all sizes need to be prepared for.

IASA is always a great conference because of its size and the energy that comes from the combination of insurers—on both sides of the aisle—and the technology solution providers that are so valuable to the entire industry. This year will be another great example of the power this combination brings together.



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