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Bolt Introduces “Bolt Google Connect” for Insurers Interested in Google Compare

Bolt Solutions announces its “Bolt Google Connect” program for insurers interested in participating in Google Compare. The new program is designed to enable insurers to quickly and easily participate in Google Compare with minimal cost, no risk, and no long-term commitment.

Since the introduction of Google Compare Auto Insurance ( many in the insurance industry have become interested in evaluating Google Compare as a possible new distribution option. By leveraging the Bolt Platform, insurers are able to participate in Google Compare and determine how best it may fit into their product and distribution strategy.  With no long-term contract and with minimal cost or risk, insurers can assess the efficacy of this new distribution opportunity.

“Google Compare is a great example of how the insurance industry continues to transform distribution to address changing consumer behavior,” says Tim Attia, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Bolt. “Working with Google and our carrier partners, we believe we have designed the optimum opportunity with our Bolt Google Connect for carriers to participate in Google Compare while controlling flow and appetite. By providing an on-ramp that minimizes some of the risk, cost and time associated with joining Google Compare, we can help our interested carrier partners gain access to and evaluate this critical new development in insurance distribution.”

The Bolt Google Connect Program makes Google Compare simple and highly valuable for insurers by:

  • Giving insurers a way to level the online marketing playing field and leverage the Google brand;
  • Handling all integration, requiring minimal or no insurer IT involvement;
  • Enabling insurers to retain a technical firewall to preserve confidentiality and customer ownership;
  • Requiring no contract with Google;
  • Providing insurers the ability to control coverage appetite and flow through Google Compare; and
  • Capturing all data and providing access for business analysis.

Included in the Bolt Google Connect Program is:

  • Connection to Google Compare via the Bolt Platform
  • Managed web services interface
  • Bridge to the insurer’s system for auto bind and issue (if desired)
  • Published number for call center

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