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Duck Creek Enhances Digital, Data Capabilities with 2016 Suite Release

Staff Writer | June 20, 2016

With an emphasis on enhancing the customer experience throughout the insurance lifecycle, Duck Creek Technologies releases its new version of Duck Creek Suite, delivering enhanced digital and data capabilities to support insurers in the P&C marketplace. The new software suite incorporates the latest technology that enables insurers to meet today’s market and business demand and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Currently supporting 120 insurers worldwide, Duck Creek 2016 expands functions of the core platform and focuses on improving agility, increasing efficiencies, and expanding international capabilities. Several enhancements that span the entire suite include:

  • All-Access Customer Data through Customer 360 offers both summary and detailed information of a customer’s involvement with the insurer that includes data acquired from Duck Creek’s suite of software and other third-party systems. This data can be quickly obtained from a single point of access, which can expedite operations, improve responsiveness to customer inquiries, and provide more personalized service.
  • Digital technology enabled by Duck Creek Anywhere expands the use of this RESTful style API to allow insurers to extend Duck Creek functions to mobile devices, portals and third-party solutions, which streamlines operations and makes it easier for insurers to connect with customers anywhere and any way.
  • Multi-geography capability extended with additional flexibility for multi-currency and multi-lingual correspondence, expanding international support that provides value to insurers serving customers around the globe. 

“Being able to support the digital and data needs of insurers and their customers is critical during this time of system transformation throughout the industry,” says Patti Griffin, chief product officer, Duck Creek Technologies. “Our efforts remain focused on delivering the functionality that makes it easier for insurers to connect, engage, and transact business with customers through any channel or device and utilize data to attain critical insights, improve business management, and advance their success.”

Enhancements to the suite bring benefits to both new and existing customers:

  • Duck Creek Billing continues to expand back-office efficiency with additional automation for evaluation and processing activities related to pending cancellations, late charges, and payment reversal. Also, new billing installment options offer more ways for insurers to enhance customer service, and added clarity to financial reporting is provided for transactions through transparent billing traceability. 
  • Duck Creek Claims offers insurers more ways to improve engagement, operations and efficiencies. Two new mobile applications are introduced: First Notice of Loss app adds new loss reporting options to agents, customers and other intermediaries, and the Field Adjuster app brings desktop capabilities to the inspection site. Enhanced functionality streamlines large loss processing, optimizes complex authority, simplifies negotiation processing, and exposes file note creation throughout the claim file.
  • Duck Creek Policy streamlines communication with agents, delivers operational insights and increases efficiencies. New functionality simplifies the interaction with agents by enabling the upload and download of policy and quote data from an agency management system. The communication happens without manual intervention, which expedites handling, reduces errors, and enhances customer service. Additional enhancements support configurable clearance rules and provide enhanced “what-if” product modeling and forms enrichment.

Duck Creek Suiteincludes billing, claims, policy and rating software that is designed to work independently or as a combined approach to manage all aspects of the P&C insurance lifecycle. The software can be deployed through an on-premise implementation or via Duck Creek On-Demand, a Software as a Service model.

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