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FBM Idaho Implements Products from Guidewire

Staff Writer | May 09, 2016

Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho (FBM Idaho) and Guidewire Software announce that FBM Idaho has successfully deployed Guidewire PolicyCenter, Client Data Management and Reinsurance Management as its new underwriting, policy administration, client data management, and reinsurance solution, as well as Guidewire BillingCenter as its new billing management system. In a separate project, FBM Idaho has also successfully deployed Guidewire Claim Portal for Policyholders to enhance the digital experience of its policyholders.

FBM Idaho implemented PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, and Claim Portal for Policyholders to build on their 2010 deployment of Guidewire ClaimCenter and fully modernize its system infrastructure to address the changing demands of its agents and policyholders.

The company has initially rolled out PolicyCenter and BillingCenter on its business owner policy line of business to complement the functionalities offered by ClaimCenter, while Claim Portal for Policyholders has been deployed across all of FBM Idaho’s personal lines of business to extend ClaimCenter’s functionality to their policyholders.

The Claim Portal for Policyholders deployment also included first notice of loss and claims inquiry functionality that was implemented for their FBM Idaho and Western Community brands. FBM Idaho plans to implement PolicyCenter and BillingCenter across its remaining lines of business in 2017.

“The deployment of Guidewire PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, and Claim Portal for Policyholders represents a significant milestone in our company’s long-term business transformation initiative, and feedback from our agents and policyholders has been positive,” says Adam Waldron, director, information systems, FBM Idaho. “We look forward to enjoying the benefits of our new system infrastructure for years to come.”

Guidewire products are enabling FBM Idaho to:

  • Provide a better customer service experience with real-time online processing;
  • Enhance support for their agent channel with improved information; and
  • Increase responsiveness to changing business and technical requirements in their markets.

 “We applaud FBM Idaho on their successful Guidewire implementation projects,” says Mike Polelle, chief delivery officer, Guidewire Software. “By adapting its underwriting, policy administration, billing, and customer self-service operations for success, FBM Idaho has built a foundation for its future business growth.”

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