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Fulfilling the Insurance Promise—and the ITA Promise as Well

Robert Regis Hyle | March 27, 2017

The insurance promise basically amounts to when a policyholder presents a legitimate claim to their insurer, the insurer pays the claimant. It’s pretty simple, really. Here at the Insurance Technology Association, our promise to insurers is to present the best possible content available for our claimants, the members of the ITA who, by and large, are insurance business and technology experts.

Two weeks ago we had another opportunity to fulfill that promise at our annual conference, ITA LIVE. Did we succeed on our goal? We are awaiting the final returns from those in attendance who agreed to take part in a post-conference survey, but all anecdotal evidence available to the ITA shows that the 100 industry leaders in attendance believe we did just that.

Once upon a time, there were two major events for insurance IT leaders to attend if they were looking to share time and experiences with their peers from throughout the industry. Those two conferences—put on by IASA and ACORD—are still in business, but the landscape of conferences has changed dramatically over the last two years.

There isn’t a month that goes by where insurance IT leaders don’t have at least two options—and sometimes more—to attend a live conference. That doesn’t include the online programs that are offered even more frequently—you can find live web content several times per week if you so desire.

So providing content is no longer the simple matter it once was when many of us joined the insurance technology field, but after all, what is simple in our world today. Technology is designed to simplify many things in life and in work, but explaining the value of that technology is not quite as easy. There are hundreds if not thousands of voices out there crying for attention so it is difficult to find one or two voices you can trust.

That is where the ITA comes in. Our organization is less than four years old, which no longer makes us a startup, but we still treasure a description given to us that the ITA is “a startup with a pedigree.” We value the confidence our membership and others throughout the industry have displayed toward us and that is why we feel we are blessed with a great opportunity to share what we have learned—and are still learning—to our membership.

While writing for a magazine is not as interactive as we would like, our approach to conference sessions is quite the opposite. Those willing to spend time and money to attend a three-day conference don’t want to be talked down to; they want to be educated and the best way is by sharing their own views on important industry subjects to gain a consensus on the right and wrong ways to approach an opportunity.

ITA LIVE will be back for its fourth iteration in 2018 and we again extend our promise. ITA LIVE 2018 will be nothing like ITA LIVE 2017 because, as we have all learned so clearly, nothing in this industry stays the same from year to year. That includes educational conferences. That much we do know for certain.


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