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HazardHub Celebrates 2018

Bill Sinn | January 01, 2019

Here are some of our "greatest hits" for the last 12 months…and a hint of what’s to come in 2019!

  • More than 115,000 free lookups on – when we launched our free lookup service, we had no idea how popular this service would become. It’s used by homeowners. By agents. By underwriters. By inspectors. It was so popular that we had to cut it back a little, as some folks confused a free lookup tool with one they could program into their underwriting systems! (Yes, this did happen) In 2019, we’re adding even more free lookups and a subscription product for our heavy-volume users.
  • We Quadrupled our revenue! – Continuing last year's 4X revenue growth, 2018 saw us bring on more than a dozen new clients and partners, all drawn by the comprehensiveness of our data and the fact that we’re super-easy to work with. One of the favorite questions we get asked by prospects is "who uses you?" The answer is more than 40 carriers, MGAs, and partners! 
  • We added LOTS of new data – Our new Wildfire Risk Model is turning the industry on its head by capturing risk in high-burn areas that other models completely miss. In January, we’ll also be adding in CalFire zones to really hone in on the California fire issue. While wildfire was big, we’ve also added real-estate transaction data, clandestine drug labs, police stations, a Frozen Pipe model, an Ice Dam model, Community Rating Service to our Flood data, updated all of our FEMA flood polygons, added Katabatic Wind Zones, census geocoding data, a national Sinkhole Risk database, eight states of known Sinkhole points, and drug/alcohol deaths. In other words, we’ve kept our data team hopping! 
  • 9.75 Million Hydrant Locations AND Perennial Water - We are STILL obsessed with collecting hydrant data and are now up to more than 9.75 million hydrant locations. We have also added "perennial water within 1,000 feet" as a variable for those areas that are not in HydrantHub but are covered by perennial water. In one recent study for a California client, we covered 95.6% of their book of business with known hydrant locations. For one insurer with a book primarily in the Midwest, we covered 64.4% of the book with hydrants within 1000’ and another 14.5% with no hydrants but with perennial water within 1000’.
  • Won FOUR industry "shark tank" events - We spent a lot of time on stages this year. We were fortunate enough to claim victories in events held in Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, and Hartford, along with a runner-up finish in Chicago. While it would be better if any of these came with cash prizes, we’re happy with the trophies, plaques, certificates and hearty congratulations we’ve been getting. We were also named the "Data Provider of the Year" by our partners at Fenris Digital!
  • A New Board Member – One of the shark tank victories (the Entrepreneurial Insurance Alliance, sponsored by MarketScout, where we were named 2018 Insurance Entrepreneur of the Year) had a huge impact on our business, as MarketScout CEO Richard Kerr joined HazardHub as a board member. Richard brings a great deal of industry experience to HazardHub, helping to add depth to our insurance industry knowledge.


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