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How Business Process Automation Reduced Human Error by 75%

MDP is an insurance company in specialty insurance on the East Coast of the US. The firm replaced its manual processes for proposal generation and broker onboarding with a completely customized, automated system using ProcessMaker. As a result, MDP improved the quality of its proposals and drastically reduced the time their product takes to produce.

Prior to implementing ProcessMaker, MDP used an agency management system which included standard features, with limited capacity for customization. Given the firm’s focus on specialty insurance, MDP needed a solution with more flexibility, which could adapt to the specialization and complexity of their business model.

MDP used a manual process in coordinating data between conducting analytics, presentations, and preparing briefs. This involved copying and pasting, or manually re-entering data between the agency management system, Microsoft Excel, PDFs, and other tools. The result was human error including typing errors, omissions, and disorganized data. Further, this manual process resulted in lost time and focus.

The agency needed a system which would bridge the way their team works with the requirements of the agency management system provided by their primary carrier. Rather than adapting the way their team worked to fit a standardized management system and coordinating the work they completed around it in other tools manually, MDP automated these tasks around the way their team works using ProcessMaker.

Business Process Automation Solution
ProcessMaker built a custom solution for MDP to serve the firm’s unique requirements. The solution delivered ProcessMaker BPM functionality, alongside MDP’s agency management system, with a completely customized user interface. The system streamlined the underwriting proposal generation, binder and broker on-boarding processes

ProcessMaker helped MDP automate every phase of its insurance application process, from application submission to invoicing. The flow of information between people and systems in the organization occurred automatically. Finally, information from each phase in the process are compiled into a PDF insurance proposal, which was then converted into a invoice and then final binder.

Each insurance application is submitted in a custom ProcessMaker Dynaform which then generates a PDF proposal which is sent to insurance carrier to be rated. Once the proposal is rated, it is automatically sent to MDP’s underwriter for a quote to be generated. One this step is complete, a formal final proposal is created to be sent to the client in phase. One this step is complete, the proposal is bound and an invoice is generated. Finally, MDP is automatically reminded each year of the contract’s renewal.

MPD also automated its Broker and Carrier management with Processmaker. This process comprised of reviewing and managing documents between various stakeholders and systems required for approving a new insurance vendor. With ProcessMaker, this entire process was streamlined from the initial proposal to ultimate vendor onboarding. This part of the solution also interacts with the vendor management software, EPIC, and extracting its tracking code to allow seamless broker management.

Through ProcessMaker, MPD can visualize its data and track its goals. The solution’s dashboard includes number of submissions quoted, premium and monthly hit ratio. It also includes a prioritized list of cases so key accounts are always kept top of mind. ProcessMaker’s audit log provides a  recording of all of the information, timestamped and logged. Dashboards and reports are also available for each of MPD’s programs and projects. ProcessMaker also provides MDP with a lead sourcing dashboard so the firm can gain insight into its marketing initiatives. Finally, through the ProcessMaker complete audit trail, MDP can view what field changed , who changed it and when, for full accountability and visibility into their operations.

Business Process Automation Results
ProcessMaker enabled MDP to deliver insurance plans more quickly, with better accuracy, and more easily. By implementing ProcessMaker, MDP reduced human errors in its proposals by 75 percent. Reducing these human errors assists MDP in quality assurance and in protecting the profit margins of its core business.

ProcessMaker also enabled MDP to minimize the time required to produce and invoice a proposal. The time required to produce proposals was reduced from 45 minutes to 7-12 minutes. This meant not only greater efficiency for the firm, but also had the human impacts of a more focused, satisfied team.

“The level of involvement ProcessMaker and its team showed us drew us in. We have been working with the same team at ProcessMaker for eight years now. That’s a big positive for us and that kind of consistent relationship is unprecedented in the tech world. The ProcessMaker team learned our business and our industry.”
– Paul Lavardera, Senior Vice President of Maury, Donnelly, and Parr

Newest Iteration
ProcessMaker is now creating version 2.0 of its custom product for MDP. The new product will include an updated user interface and will be adapted to MDP’s new coverage model and new carrier. It will also include several new features requested by MDP including an automated integration with Outlook, automated risk calculation, and automatic PDF compilation. All of this is made possible through ProcessMaker BPM, which empowers companies like MDP to automate their tasks and systems around the way they work best.


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