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ISCS Enhances Claims Functionality in SurePower Innovation Suite

Staff Writer | October 20, 2015

ISCS announces the latest release of SurePower Innovation suite that includes enhancements to claims payment capabilities, as well as improvements in billing, policy administration and distribution channel management.

With eyes on decreasing operational costs, increasing customer-centricity and improving claim resolution timeframes, SurePower Innovation's newest functionalities are focused on providing more options for processing claim payments. Via this release, SurePower Innovation 3.0.12, insurers can now pay claimants with debit cards, which provide immediate access to funds via two types of reloadable debit cards, personalized or pre-printed. In either case, the claimant can easily activate and use the card as soon as funds are loaded.

This release also enhances the claims component of SurePower Innovation by allowing authority or access to be personalized based on roles (adjuster, agent, etc.), easier recording of full or partial claim denial, and refinement of loss cost information via a sub-loss cost field that can improve the setting of default reserves.

Plus, this release expands the level of detail of the special investigative unit claim tracking capability. Workflow improvements, such as a new "open work" section, enables users to do an at-a-glance assessment of tasks yet to be prioritized, and provides a streamlined approval process for claims correspondence.

Additional enhancements available with this release of SurePower Innovation include:

  • Billing Entities, sometimes also called Split Bill, allows multiple invoices to go to different payers for a single policy, or split a policy by designating which portions of it, such as which risks, are to be paid for by which party or Billing Entity.
  • Address Sync provides a single place where it is possible to change all the mailing and billing addresses for a customer and that customer's related policies at once by syncing the customer and chosen policies to an existing address or entering a new address.
  • Mass Producer Change provides a flexible, convenient way to change the producer on a large number of policies at once by uploading a list of policies which need to be changed, and a few simple inputs later, generating any number of tasks that will automatically endorse those policies to change the producer.

"While the headline functionality in this release focuses on claims, the product updates we have made are really about customer-centricity," says Andy Scurto, president of ISCS. "Our development process incorporates not only client requests, but also industry trends and consumer-driven priorities. This new release of SurePower Innovation significantly improves the all-critical claims management process for insurers, agents, third-party adjusters and claimants as well." 

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