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ITA Pro Weekly, June 4, 2014

Robert Regis Hyle | June 04, 2014


The Human Operating System is 100 Percent Vulnerable
Cyber-attacks are through the roof. Numbers from the FBI, Verizon Breach Report, the Ponemon Institute and nearly every industry source all agree the number of attacks are dramatically increasing. We've all read of Target, Neiman Marcus, and so many others. So the question is: Are we becoming more vulnerable? READ MORE

Life Insurers Joining the Technology Spending Party
Celent is in the business of analyzing the insurance industry with a strong focus on technology. Its report on global spending (IT Spending in Insurance: A Global Perspective) looks at life and annuity spending in comparison to the property & casualty world. READ MORE


Nearly 500 P&C, Life and Health insurers use OnBase, an Enterprise Content Management solution designed and developed for the insurance industry. OnBase is rapidly deployable and configurable, combining document management and business process automation into a single solution that seamlessly integrates with a carrier's core policy, billing and claims applications.

Data Is Never Beyond Reproach
One impulse with technology is to assume it somehow makes everything we do work better, but as you can see with Bryant Tow's blog published this week, and an article written by Nate Silver and published on his website, nothing replaces the human element, particularly when there's an excellent possibility that something could go wrong. READ MORE

Why CIOs Need Executive Peers
The life of an insurance company CIO can be a lonely one. In many companies the job is less understood than any other executive position, the results are more scrutinized than for any other executive position, and to top it off, nothing is ever really 'done' in the same sense as they are 'done` for other executive positions. READ MORE

The Innovation Mandate for Insurance
In an era of change, defining winners and losers offers its own challenges as new thinking requires experimentation and the adoption of new technology and innovation. READ MORE

Featured Solution of the Week
Hyland Software provides world class solutions for the insurance industry with OnBase, a rapidly deployable enterprise content management software solution. It combines document management, records management and business process automation into a single solution. READ MORE


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