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ITA Pro Weekly, May 14, 2014

Robert Regis Hyle | May 14, 2014


Reverse the Perspective and Become Demand-Led
The insurance industry has a tendency to view the world from the inside out, but the industry needs to reverse that perspective and look at itself from the outside in if it is to have a chance of meeting rapidly-evolving customer needs and competitive necessities. READ MORE

Bringing Science to Data and Analytics
There seems little doubt that Murli Buluswar has the most interesting title in the insurance field today. The Chief Science Officer for AIG spoke at the opening session of the ACORD LOMA Forum last week and offered some sage advice for insurers, whether they work in the IT department or on the business side. READ MORE


Nearly 500 P&C, Life and Health insurers use OnBase, an Enterprise Content Management solution designed and developed for the insurance industry. OnBase is rapidly deployable and configurable, combining document management and business process automation into a single solution that seamlessly integrates with a carrier's core policy, billing and claims applications.

Change is Good: Overcoming
Resistance to IT Adjustments

Industries like retail and banking have been leveraging "disruptive" technologies for many years to make customers happier, operations more efficient, and bottom lines larger. READ MORE

J'accuse: When Insurance Carriers, Vendors Disagree
Last year I participated in a new and different play-the final act between carrier and vendor-a legal proceeding. This project had gone so wrong that the carrier decided it was hopeless and filed for arbitration.

Slow Recovery Delays Progress
Lower interest rates following the financial collapse in 2008 still inhibit many life and annuity companies looking for a technology breakthrough. READ MORE

Featured Solution of the Week
Founded in 1996, Oceanwide has been at the forefront of delivering SaaS insurance software for over 17 years. Bridge, the latest offering from Oceanwide, offers a new approach to insurance policy administration systems. READ MORE


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