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Instec Integrates GhostDraft into Policy System

Staff Writer | June 09, 2016

Instec announces the availability of GhostDraft will be fully integrated with Instec’s flagship policy system, giving Instec users the ability to create customized forms and other documents, for a more tailored customer experience and faster turnaround. 

Instec offers a policy system that enables users to self-configure rates, rules and coverages, so adding the same capability for documents was a natural extension for the company. GhostDraft will allow the average business user to construct templates that automatically generate documents using data contained in the Instec policy system. No knowledge of Instec’s database will be required, since the GhostDraft system will include a collection of plain-language terms that have been mapped to the Instec policy database.

“The philosophies of both companies are well aligned,” says Kurt Jackson, executive vice president of sales and marketing at GhostDraft. “We both believe in unburdening IT staff, whether that means simpler configuration of new insurance products or the documents that go with them. We’ve both created systems that were designed for fast start-up and short time-to-value, and our successful implementations have proven that the approach works.”

A major enabler of Instec’s rapid time-to-value is the content it provides with every system. This includes actively-managed bureau rates, rules and forms, and an extensive library of customizations created over the life of the product. The collection includes 30,000 bureau and custom forms, all of which will be compatible with the GhostDraft document system.

“Instec has created an ‘innovation platform’ that insurers can use to build out new products and programs. We recognize that we can’t be expert at everything, so we assembled an ecosystem of partners to provide those elements that are outside of our core competencies. GhostDraft is just one example. Like us, they’re an innovator in their space, so it’s a perfect match,” says Kevin Mason, executive vice president at Instec.


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