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Insurance Technologies Announces Latest Release of FireLight Platform

Staff Writer | March 06, 2014

Insurance Technologies announces the latest release of its FireLight software, which includes disconnected functionality in its e-application business fulfilment platform. Leveraging existing HTML5 and mobile capabilities, this release enables agents and advisors to execute in-good-order business and collect e-signatures without an Internet connection.

“We are proud to have developed this innovative functionality. It is one of the first e-application solutions to provide complete functionality and support with or without Internet connectivity,” says Jim Ferrell, vice president, FireLight product management for Insurance Technologies. “Financial advisors and insurance agents continue to find themselves in sales situations where connection to the Internet is limited or non-existent, and up to this point, connectivity has played a major role in their ability to seamlessly conduct business. Insurance Technologies is committed to equipping the industry with a comprehensive tool that can be used anywhere at any time.”

The disconnected feature expands client capabilities at no additional cost for all clients. FireLight disconnected console provides the end user the full functionality of FireLight with built-in intelligent data entry and rules engine to deliver in-good-order processing in disconnected mode and supports devices on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms.

Designed by Insurance Technologies’ development team with more than 18 years of experience working with disconnected applications, FireLight 2.3 encompasses the features, functionality, and secure infrastructure that is important to the annuity, life insurance, long-term care, and final expense industries.

Disconnected FireLight key features include:

  • Security – Keeping security of client information paramount, disconnected FireLight includes enhanced security features to ensure sensitive details are kept safe in case of a lost or stolen device. Such features include automatic logout after a period of idle time requiring the user to re-authenticate, remote data deletion and automatic deletion of data after a company defined number of failed authentication attempts.
  • Streamlined User Interface – Disconnected FireLight continues to provide a simple, intuitive and familiar form interface for an optimized and adoptable user experience. The uncluttered interface highlights the most frequently used commands while keeping those functions that are less needed just a touch point away for an easy and fast to submit process.
  • Mobility –FireLight is flexible enough to travel with agents and advisors when and where they need to go. The new disconnected console offers the same functionality clients receive from Insurance Technologies even without Internet connectivity.

“Insurance Technologies is dedicated to addressing our end users’ needs and making changes to meet their expectations. While there are other products that support disconnected functionality, FireLight is the most comprehensive solution in the marketplace today,” adds Ferrell. “The new trend in mobile advisors has significantly changed the way the insurance and financial services industries are conducting business. The ability to work and complete business at a client’s office or home has always been important to advisors, and we are proud to be able to support this workflow.”


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