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Kaboodle Announces New Partner Alliance with SPLICE Software

Bill Sinn | October 02, 2018

Kaboodle, an insurance collaborative that delivers innovative products and services to insurers, and SPLICE Software, who specializes in using big and small data and voice technologies to drive customer engagement, announced their partnership today at the InsureTech Connect Conference. The two organizations are partnering to provide Kaboodle’s Collaborative with API-enabled Data-Driven Dialogs® for phone, SMS messaging, and Voice-First devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

SPLICE’s innovative, AI data-driven dialogs improve the customer experience with personalized, intelligent alerts. SPLICE will be integrated with the broader Kaboodle platform of member and partner products and services, along with additional user experience and "big data" capabilities. The partnership displays Kaboodle’s commitment to its clients to expand and diversify its offerings and make good on its promise to pre-integrate additional products and services. As a result of this collaboration, Kaboodle’s clients can use SPLICE’s Data-Driven Dialogs® to reach its policy holders, when and how they prefer, at the most critical moments, with need-to-know information.

“Integrating SPLICE’s Dialog Suite™ with the Kaboodle Collaborative is exciting for insurers,” said Tara Kelly, President & CEO of SPLICE Software. “The ability to send personalized, intelligent alerts in an authentic, human voice will have a positive impact on how our mutual clients connect with their insureds and drive business results. With seamless and secure data exchange, it’s now easier than ever for insurers to keep their policy holders informed via consent-based, emotionally-relevant messaging.”

“A growing number of Kaboodle’s clients are building customized and unique user experiences for consumers and producers that enhance the customer journey, while also improving the bottom line for the insurer,” said Jeff Brown, Kaboodle President. “SPLICE's innovative AI-based solutions make them an outstanding addition to the Kaboodle ecosystem of partners.”







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