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Livegenic Announces Global Partnership with ClaimLogik

Staff Writer | September 29, 2016

Livegenic announces a global partnership with Australian-based solutions provider, ClaimLogik. Livegenic’s suite of real-time video collaboration, field loss documentation, and customer self-service solutions are fully-integrated into the ClaimLogik claim fulfilment platform to help facilitate faster damage assessments, and to connect first-responding trades and services for a better ability to mitigate further losses.

The integration of Livegenic and ClaimLogik enables applications in underwriting, risk control, fleet management, and additional workflows. The combined solution connects data and stakeholders from outside the traditional claim process in order to positively impact the cost of claim management, the speed of claim settlement, and the policyholder-claimant experience.

“Incorporating Livegenic’s platform into the existing ClaimLogik offerings provides benefits far greater than real-time video alone by impacting the entire claim ecosystem from brokers, insurers, policyholders, and the supply chain which is servicing and responding to claims,” says Brian Siemsen, president of ClaimLogik. “Bringing these solutions together significantly reduces claim expenses and shortens cycle times, thereby improving the overall claim experience for the customer.”

ClaimLogik provides cloud-based, end-to-end claim fulfilment and supply chain management technologies to the Asia-Pacific P&C market. This partnership delivers new capabilities to insurers and policyholders while adding to the benefits of the existing ClaimLogik solutions that are built to enhance the legacy claim process through smart triage, early intervention, and loss mitigation.

“We are excited to work with ClaimLogik,” says Alex Polyakov, CEO and co-founder of Livegenic. "The idea of straight-through processing for claims is not a far-fetched ideal, but something that is achievable in the near-term. The Livegenic-ClaimLogik partnership moves the industry one step closer to the reality of self-serve insurance claims and a truly modern, connected, claim service experience."

Livegenic has seen tremendous growth and widespread acclaim for the company’s patented mobile apps that incorporate customer self-service via the streaming of live video, ideal for first notice of loss, supplemental, quality control, and other workflows. The Livegenic platform can be implemented immediately upon sign up without implementation delays and additional expenses to reduce loss adjustment expenses and indemnity costs, while providing data capture capabilities without manual uploads or data connectivity constraints.


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