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MVP Advisory Group Announces Partnership with DynaQuest Technology Services, Inc.

MVP Advisory Group, LLC, an insurance advisory firm specializing in digital transformation and data and analytics advisory, has announced an ongoing partnership with DynaQuest Technology Services Inc (DQTSI). DynaQuest, a specialized BPO company and a Blockchain solutions provider, provides consulting and business transformation solutions to small and medium sized insurance companies in the United States.
MVP Advisory Group’s industry specialization is the transformational strategy and its implementation to insurance companies that are restructuring to attain modernization, technology adoption, effective risk management, better process management and solve their data challenges. The partnership with DynaQuest enables MVP access to emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, and boosts their IT services to further strengthen the company’s industrial specialization in change management as the insurance industry is facing disruption with Blockchain’s transformational effect.
“By combining DynaQuest’s Blockchain Solutions framework with MVP’s exceptional multi-channel change management to insurance companies, the partnership uniquely positions us to offer a highly-focused, cost-efficient transformational strategy and solution framework to the traditional, small and medium scale insurance companies who are looking to leverage Blockchain technology in improving their overall business competitiveness by the next decade,” stated MVP Managing Partner Russ Bostick. “MVP’s existing and future clientele will be able to boost their overall business efficiency and be in a position to increase overall competitiveness through core digital transformation with DynaQuest’s specialization in sourcing Insurtech and customized Blockchain solutions.”
DynaQuest was recently named as among the Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies of 2019 by APAC CIO Outlook. The company was recognized for its distinctive approach to Blockchain adoption through a delivery framework of consultation, use of business case and rapid development for companies that are looking to migrate to Blockchain.
“For many years, MVP has been a highly-valued partner for DynaQuest as both companies are looking to make the most of the opportunities found in the disruption of technology that is being experienced by Insurance and Finance,” said DynaQuest CEO Randy Knutson. “We are looking forward to exploring and developing more specialized or industrialized solutions across the insurance markets of North America, Canada and Europe. DynaQuest is proud to continue working with change management experts like MVP Advisory Group, who are recognized in the insurance industry as executive consultants in operations and business competitiveness improvement.”


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