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Pitney Bowes Enhances Data Management Capabilities for Spectrum Platform

Staff Writer | March 12, 2014

Pitney Bowes Inc. announces a new release of its Spectrum Technology Platform, providing integrated data quality, data integration, master data management, and analytics capabilities to help organizations address their Big Data challenges from one unified platform.

The platform is designed to help organizations extract more value from their data to drive greater profitability, reduce risk, and deliver more personalized and contextually relevant customer experiences. The benefit of this technology is that it allows clients to deliver trusted data and insights in context across touch-points to maximize the value of customer information. It does so by aggregating, cleansing, and consolidating data from disparate sources and enriching it with corporate and third-party reference data.

This data is modeled as knowledge graphs, built on graph database technology, which makes it easier for users to view, retrieve, and use the key insights for better decision-making. Knowledge graphs provide the ability to create multi-dimensional views of information to address specific needs of various business stakeholders in organizations such as sales, marketing and compliance. In addition, business stakeholders prefer to view data in the context of their process and in line with appropriate governance policies.

“Clients today require more dynamic and flexible solutions to help them manage their customer information,” says Navin Sharma, vice president of product management, information management software and solutions at Pitney Bowes. “We have a track record of providing our clients with technology to better understand, service, and cultivate customer relationships. The new enhancements we have added to the Spectrum Technology Platform will further ensure that clients are well-equipped to unlock the value of their customer data where traditional approaches have failed.”

Key capabilities in this new release are:

  • Visual Data Modeling: Subject-matter experts model to the business outcome using an intuitive "white-board" approach delivered via a web UI. This provides a way to manage complex relationships and hierarchies and support better collaboration between business and IT functions.
  • Process-centric Data Governance: With access to corporate data as well as external sources, business stewards are able to review and resolve issues quickly. They can also capture and visualize data quality trends against established key performance indicators to monitor the health of the data assets in context of their processes.
  • Big Data Readiness: With the ability to handle large data sets, combined with advanced clustering and in-memory caching, organizations can process large volumes of data coming in at high velocity.
  • Enhanced Entity Resolution: Advanced search coupled with matching algorithms against unstructured data, enables companies high-performance access to disambiguated information for building 360 degree customer views.
  • Industry and Application Certifications: Support for several new standards and applications has been added. This includes HL7, the healthcare information standard, latest versions of SAP applications, NetSuite and postal certifications for CASS (U.S.) and SERP (Canada).


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