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Rewards, cashback and instant feedback. Sygic and Onlia have committed themselves to making Canada safer

Bill Sinn | August 21, 2019

Sygic, the chosen developer of innovative solutions for businesses, has partnered with the innovative new digital brand, Onlia, in a joint effort to make a safe driving mobile app that is more appealing to users and that contributes to safer roads in Canada. The mobile app works in collaboration with other Onlia safe driving products - auto insurance and roadside assistance - to reward users for doing their part in making Canada safer.

Onlia Sense utilizes smartphone GPS and accelerometer sensors to evaluate driving habits from a safety perspective. Then, it rewards drivers for their performance behind the wheel. The app is free to use for anyone in Canada and provides perks and rewards to motivate and engage users.

“Most insurance companies today are investing in the development of mobile apps with limited functionalities. They are basically only serving as an expensive showcase to make a doubtful impression on their current and potential customers of how innovative it is,” said Sygic CEO Martin Strigac.

The application developed by Sygic is a complex and useful solution serving for the acquisition of new customers, engaging and rewarding loyal customers, and serving as a digital communication tool with auto insurance and roadside assistance products. At the same time, instant feedback on the driver's behavior en route contributes to the prevention of collisions - resulting in a user base of safety-minded drivers that is validated by first-party data on their driving behavior. 

A unique algorithm, integrated via third-party SDK, evaluates each ride using key indicators with a focus on the gamification, design, and integration of sophisticated technologies. The app monitors speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and contextual data as well as informs its users when their phone has become a distraction. Each month, the driver has a new opportunity to achieve a perfect drive score. The higher the driver score is, the greater the reward for driving safely will be.

If the drivers behave safely on the road, they can enjoy various perks and discount vouchers ranging from $5 to $100 (CAD), e.g. to Starbucks, or earn monthly cashback from using partner products, such as Onlia auto insurance or Onlia roadside assistance, up to $40 (CAD) monthly.  

“Sygic has years of experience in developing engaging navigation apps for more than 200 million customers around the world. We are glad that we have found in Onlia a partner that has enabled us to turn our ideas into reality,” added Strigac.

“When we launched in Canada, we were looking for an experienced app developer and data integrator that could work closely with our team to bring our vision to life. 

Now surpassing 20K registered users, the Onlia Sense safe driving app is a proven tool in empowering Canadians to become safer drivers and rewarding them along the way. Sygic has been a valuable partner in this process, and we are confident that this model will be of benefit to all Canadians”, said Pieter van Louter, CEO, Onlia.

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