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Systema Completes Implementation of Claims Solution with ICW Group

Staff Writer | April 25, 2016

Systema Software and ICW Group announce the successful implementation of SIMS Claims. ICW Group now has SIMS in production, helping to manage its workers’ compensation claims. The two companies used an innovative, hybrid approach that combined facets of agile and waterfall project management methodologies in order to drive implementation success.

“This was a very sophisticated project. ICW Group has a complex IT environment, various interfaces and wanted to facilitate significant automation in its claims workflow,” says Danny Smith, COO of Systema. “Their team members were incredible to work with and committed to the project’s success. Several members, including the project manager and business analyst, were dedicated fulltime to the project, which drove progress and ensured we met key milestones over the project’s six iterations.” 

Amanda Granger, vice president of workers’ compensation claims at ICW Group, adds: “For a project of this size and complexity, we were pleased at how smoothly everything went. On the day we went live, wearing my claims-examiner hat, I thought everything about SIMS felt right and made sense. Our claims examiners arrived that day, logged into the new system, and honestly, no one missed a beat. The transition was that simple and straightforward, which speaks to the success of our partnership, this project and our selection of the right system in SIMS.”

“We spent extensive time understanding our objectives, gathering requirements and mapping them to SIMS,” says Pam Boutsaboualoy, business implementation manager at ICW Group. “We also used an 80/20 rule to limit the scope of our project to the capabilities absolutely necessary to go-live. We leaned heavily on Systema’s expertise, as their team members knew SIMS best and had implemented it many times before for other clients. They helped keep the project on track and ensured that our goals were attainable. We used a very detail-oriented process, but in the end, it was necessary and valuable to ensure the project went so well. Selecting SIMS was the most important piece. We knew the system would fit our needs, not only today, but also as we continued to grow and expand our business.”

David Hoppen, ICW Group’s COO points out, “during our first week using SIMS, I received an email from a relatively new claims examiner, who essentially thanked me for investing in the new claims system. This examiner came on board at the tail end of the old system and struggled to ramp up. When we switched over to SIMS, he said he found the new system much easier to use. It was confirmation that SIMS would be able to deliver the ease-of-use and efficiency gains we anticipated for our examiners, and we hope to drive even greater benefits in the next phase of our SIMS enhancement project.” 

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