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Targeting the Mobile Customer in Insurance

Robert Regis Hyle | March 31, 2015

The fact that more people use mobile devices to connect to the Internet shouldn’t surprise anyone, but if you sit back for a minute and contemplate that change in our lifestyle it takes on even greater magnitude.

The mobile world reached that tipping point in 2014, but it doesn’t seem too long ago that a co-worker showed me her first iPhone. It was 2007 to be exact and what seemed like a novelty to slow adopters such as myself has created a culture change that once upon a time might have taken decades. Today it takes a few short years.

Even though we once thought of laptops as mobile devices, they are more like desktops in today’s world and offer a completely different user experience for the world. The frustrations when you encounter a website that is not mobile-enabled make us wonder how such a company is still in business if they don’t respect their customers enough to offer such important customer service options.

In an article that will be published in the April edition of ITA Pro magazine, Mark Breading, a partner with the research and advisory firm Strategy Meets Action, reports that improving the customer experience is the number one strategic initiative for insurers today and the top technology to improve customer experience is mobile. About half of all insurers have some major project underway in either traditional web or mobile web service.

Mobile users operate differently than even those that enjoy doing business on a desktop. The devices aren’t made to scroll through lengthy puff pieces about how wonderful your company is. Mobile users want to get down to business right away and complete their transaction.

“A lot of insurers look at it the wrong way. They want to present marketing materials first, and they are concerned that their site looks pretty. However, the consumer doesn’t care if the site is pretty, and they don’t want to wade through a bunch of sales content just to get to the functionality they came for,” says Karen Pauli, research director at CEB TowerGroup.

Pauli reports TowerGroup studies show 85 percent of consumers will abandon the mobile channel if they can’t get what they want quickly.

The world isn’t just changing; it has already changed. Mobility may not be king yet, but it is getting closer every day and our days seem to be moving a lot faster than they did back in the analog days.

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