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Tower Selects EIS Group’s Insurance Platform to Drive Transformation

Staff Writer | June 13, 2018

EIS Group, a core and digital platform provider for insurers, today announced that Tower Insurance, a leading New Zealand general insurer, has selected EIS Group as its new core systems and digital solutions provider. EIS Group’s digital insurance platform will underpin Tower’s transformation into a challenger brand by simplifying its business and creating a new way to deliver different products and services for customers, tailored to their specific needs.

EIS Group’s platform will be used for creating new insurance products, quoting, customer self-service, billing, claims, and customer management and engagement. This will all be provided to Tower with a single, cloud-based platform supporting integrated, next-gen digital customer experiences.  Four existing Tower systems will be replaced by the one platform.

“We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way customers interact with us and turn insurance industry norms upside down,” says Tower CEO, Richard Harding. 

“This new platform will be a key enabler for our transformation and allow us to take advantage of all the opportunity that today’s digital world offers.

“We’re excited to partner with EIS to unify our core, data and digital operations, giving us more flexibility to innovate and improve our connection with, and value for our customers.

“EIS Group is a leader in their field and will deliver a system that leverages the full benefits of the cloud for security, scalability and rapid delivery. This is a future-proof investment that will drive our transformation,” said Harding.

Tower will deploy the EIS platform’s  fully integrated core and digital applications, PolicyCore®, BillingCore®, and ClaimCore®, CustomerCore CEM™ and  DXP™ to gain end-to-end business capabilities that support digital enablement at every customer touchpoint.

EIS Group’s solutions will enable Tower to:

  • Support customer journeys with a seamless omnichannel experience;
  • Quickly add new products to take advantage of market opportunities;
  • Leverage internal and external data for improved underwriting and pricing;
  • Reduce the cost of operations by utilizing cloud-based modern architecture; and
  • Establish an efficient, cost-effective platform.

“Microsoft is pleased to be able to help power Tower’s transformation initiative with an Azure cloud environment and services optimized for EIS Group’s insurance platform,” said Barrie Sheers, managing director, Microsoft New Zealand. 

“We are honored to have been selected as the provider of a new business platform for Tower,” said Alec Miloslavsky, EIS Group’s chief executive officer. “The Tower leadership has a forward-thinking transformation agenda focused on bringing value to customers and we are excited by the opportunity to bring our best technology and expertise to the table.” 

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