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Verisk Launches Mobile App for Vehicle Inspections

Staff Writer | April 29, 2014

Verisk Insurance Solutions – Underwriting announces the availability of RISK:check Virtual Inspector, a mobile application designed to improve the automobile insurance underwriting process. The new app uses patent-pending technology to enable agents and consumers to capture real-time images and information during the quote or application process.

 Many insurance companies offer mobile apps to help policyholders manage coverage, pay bills, or report claims. But few carriers have used the smartphone to improve the quote or application process with new data and analytics, according to John Cantwell, vice president of auto product management, Verisk Underwriting.

Consumers are comfortable providing information, including photographs, via their smartphones, especially when they know it could be helpful in a future claims situation. And insurers will benefit from real-time information, such as the exact location of the consumer's vehicle and the ability to capture important rating and underwriting information quickly and easily, adds Cantwell.

"I think we're just beginning the journey where mobile-based images, information, and analytics will improve the customer experience while simultaneously helping insurers improve underwriting accuracy,” he says.

A demo version of Verisk's RISK:check Virtual Inspector is available in the app stores for both Apple and Android smartphones. The app requires a one-time registration using the customer's email address and cell phone number. Once registered, users can employ the application to "inspect" their vehicles. The new technology includes a vehicle identification number (VIN) bar code scanner and decoder. The demo application will return a real-time PDF report for each inspection to a user-provided e-mail address.

“The demo app is a 'lite' version of the technology we'll customize for each insurance company based on product, market, workflow, and proprietary data needs,” says Cantwell. “It's intended to allow Verisk's customers to 'imagine the possibilities' of mobile image and data capture in the underwriting process."

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