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Vertafore Enhances BenefitPoint Solution for Agencies to Adapt to Healthcare Reform

Staff Writer | September 16, 2014

Vertafore announces significant updates to its BenefitPoint solution that enhances ease of use, creating efficiencies in workflow and continuing support for healthcare reform compliance and data capture.

With these capabilities, BenefitPoint helps customers adapt to requirements in the Affordable Care Act, streamline benefit plan updates, and allows customers to integrate with Sagitta, AMS360 , the Vertafore Agency Platform, and other non-Vertafore management systems. With integration to existing P&C systems, Vertafore customers have a single view of all agency revenue for all lines of business.

"Since implementing BenefitPoint, we are regularly collecting $30,000 each month, in missing or short-pay revenue. It has been a great help to our bottom line," says Sally Boston, director of administration at PSA Insurance and Financial Services.

BenefitPoint helps solve the operational inefficiencies tied to employee benefits management. Vertafore offers an open API for customers to easily integrate BenefitPoint with existing agency management systems and other third-party systems such as enrollment vendors.

Enhancements to BenefitPoint include:

Homepage and Renewal Calendar: BenefitPoint organizes all pending workflow activities and associated follow-ups. BenefitPoint highlights all activity on the homepage dashboard, providing additional filtering options to help brokers identify top priorities and next steps.

Revenue Tracking: With fluctuations in enrollment, payments in the benefits world can be hard to track. BenefitPoint offers commission tracking and e-statements to reconcile carrier payments, ensuring the agency is paid all revenue they are owed, allowing them to accurately pay commissions.

Carrier Requests: BenefitPoint gives agencies an intuitive and consistent navigation flow and RFP tools to gather more options and negotiate with carriers to create the best rates and plans.

Healthcare Reform Alignment. BenefitPoint supports clients with Healthcare reform changes, including tracking metal levels of plans and member-based rates.


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