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Vertafore Launches API Developer Portal, Partner Program

Staff Writer | September 20, 2016

Vertafore announces the launch of the Vertafore API Developer Portal, which opens Vertafore APIs to customers and partners and continues the company’s advancement in cloud innovation.

The portal provides secure access to a comprehensive set of APIs, documentation, self-start guides, development tools and reporting capabilities. In addition to customers, third-party technology partners can enroll in the Vertafore Orange Partner Program for access to Vertafore’s best-of-breed technology and exclusive benefits.

Today’s business leaders understand the strategic benefits of exposing APIs as building blocks for third-party integrations. So much so that a recent survey of nearly 1,500 IT professionals found 79 percent are already exposing software APIs to accelerate application delivery, increase product “stickiness” and create new revenue opportunities.

According to Amazon, the number of applications developed as a result of the rise of APIs and the cloud is at a record high. This API-first mindset has allowed software developers to unlock greater business value by integrating capabilities from a broader technology ecosystem.

“The creation of the Vertafore API Developer Portal and Vertafore® Orange Partner Program is the next strategic step helping our customers extend the reach of their business through technology,” says Theo Beack, chief technology officer of Vertafore. “The first step was establishing partnerships with best-of-breed technology providers such as DocuSign, Birst and Microsoft, which was our primary focus in 2015. Now, we’re extending the flexibility and capabilities of our technology platform and opening the door to future integrations. The APIs we’re exposing are intended to help the Vertafore community innovate and find creative ways to leverage technology to run their business and arm them with tools needed compete in today’s digital marketplace.”

Vertafore’s API Developer Portal will provide a central community for partners as well as agency and carrier customers to build custom integrations with Vertafore products that align with their desired workflows. Customers benefit from a tailored software experience and increased access to enterprise-grade technologies that would otherwise be unavailable. All of which improve operational productivity, accelerate profitability and generate endless innovation possibilities. 

“Working with the Vertafore team, we used the new API to gain access to previously unavailable data in AMS360 so we can automate key processes necessary to support our rapid growth. That’s a huge workload off my team. It used to take three to four minutes to update just one policy. Now multiply that by thousands of policies,” says Jenny Peterson, systems administration manager at Brightway Insurance. “It’s fantastic to be a part of something so new and so powerful. We always want to be the best; to do that we need to be supported by the best technology.”


Additionally, with the release of the Vertafore Orange Partner Program, Vertafore is opening the door for third-party technology providers to help accelerate innovation and ingenuity in the insurance industry. This program allows partners access to Vertafore’s easy-to-use and powerful API for the ability to seamlessly integrate with the company’s most secure and robust solutions. Partners enrolled in the program will also receive exclusive benefits such as tools, resources, and support to help them grow and differentiate their business.

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