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Vertafore Launches Mobile App for Agency Management Systems

Staff Writer | October 06, 2015

Vertafore announces plans to launch the Vertafore Mobile App, which provides secure mobile access to account policy, claim, and billing information from the Vertafore Agency Platform.

Agency customers of QQSolutions, Vertafore’s most recent acquisition, also benefit from Vertafore mobile innovations with new text functionality integrated into QQCatalyst, a management system for small-to-medium size agencies. The latest mobile products underscore Vertafore’s ongoing commitment to providing agencies of all sizes with the tools they need to meet changing market demands. 

Vertafore Mobile for the Vertafore Agency Platform will be generally available in November. QQCatalyst’s modern text functionalities are available now for current customers.

Mobile is an integral part of everyday life for consumers, and agents are just beginning to realize the ROI of creating a more personalized, mobile experience for their customers. A recent Accenture survey found 64 percent of customers either currently use their insurer’s mobile app or plan to in the future to manage policies and connect with agents.

Similarly, consumer demand for near real-time engagement is equally strong with research showing more than half of consumers prefer to obtain customer support via email, chat, text or social. By enabling agents to communicate with customers via mobile and text, QQCatalyst ensures the highest quality of service possible by connecting customers with agents at all times in the method they prefer.

According to the report, the ability to receive this level of service was a key driver for consumers who decided to switch insurance providers in 2014, with 65 percent claiming to change insurers due to poor customer support.

Vertafore Mobile allows agents to securely access and share client data, including account details, policies, notes, billing and other documents stored in the management system from their mobile device. Agents can update or make changes to customer information using the mobile app, eliminating duplicate data entry. To maximize security of policyholder information, agencies are able to provision the level of access for each user to control the availability of sensitive customer information. 

“After office hours on a Friday evening, one of my customers was trying to purchase a new car. The dealership required proof of insurance, which they didn’t have handy,” says Laurie Gillam Agency operations specialist at Gardiner Allen DeRoberts Insurance. “With Vertafore Mobile, I was able to pull up the policy with my mobile device and send the appropriate documents to my customer immediately. They ended up driving home with a new car that night, which made me feel like superwoman.”


No matter the size of the agency, all agents benefit from mobile functionality. In addition to gaining mobile access to information stored in QQCatalyst, smaller agency customers of QQSolutions can engage directly with policyholders through text messaging. Mobile agents can connect with clients to send payment reminders, policy updates and birthday wishes to any working cell phone number in the United States. Additionally, when communicating over mobile, agents automatically have the full client profile at their fingertips with the customer file, direct dial features for voice calls and maps to client addresses.

“Smaller agencies carry the same digital burden as larger agencies, but have fewer resources to address these issues,” says Mark Malis, president of QQSolutions. “Text functionality has allowed our agency customers to develop more personalized relationships with their policyholders and streamline communication. Vertafore has played a critical role capitalizing on the latest and greatest mobile technology to enhance our offering and continue delivering cutting edge solutions to smaller agency customers.”

“Mobile solutions integrated with management systems are now critical to meeting new digital priorities,” says Greg Wright, senior vice president of agency solutions at Vertafore. “Regardless of the agent’s location, our mobile apps keep agents connected to customers 24/7, helping to foster relationships and ultimately boost agency referrals. By speeding up response times, enabling more valuable customer interactions and automating processes to get information back into the management system quickly, agents will be able to grow their business and serve their customers better in the evolving insurance ecosystem.”

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