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Xuber Whitepaper Focuses on How Software Design Drives Adoption

Staff Writer | June 25, 2014

Xuber published a new report that discusses how design impacts the development and delivery of commercial insurance software. While a seamless user experience has become an intrinsic expectation of technology enjoyed in our personal lives, developing commercial insurance software with a focus on user-centric design—in addition to functionality requirements—is a more recent trend.

As user satisfaction increasingly drives commercial insurance system adoption, service providers must keep the user at the center of the development process if they want to remain at the forefront of customers’ minds.

These insights are explored in Xuber’s report, “Always Mix Business with Pleasure: Why it’s Time to Break the Rules of Design in Insurance Software.” The report considers the influence design has over manufacturers and users, as well as boardroom decision-makers looking to purchase and implement quality solutions. Today’s technology systems must provide business value and meet business goals simultaneously, and while the core functionality of a system helps meet targeted corporate goals, a well-designed solution adds business value by increasing adoption.

“Rich functionality is key but it’s not enough,” says Matt Isaly, head of product strategy, North America for Xuber. “Service providers can no longer afford to have substance without style. Instead, technology offerings need to be reliable and robust, but also appealing, in order to provide an enjoyable user experience. This means insurance software vendors need to raise their game as they begin to recognize user and consumer power in the decision making process.”

Insights explored in the report include:

  • Critical success factors to consider throughout the software development process to ensure that a solution organizes relevant data and content in an intuitive, user-friendly, well-designed user interface. Technology today must anticipate the needs of individual users while integrating across business functions to meet corporate goals and add real value to an organization;
  • The trend of business technology companies taking a cue from personal technology companies and focusing on the positive impact of design on technology consumption. Those service providers that recognize that usability equates to customer satisfaction, which leads to product sales, will be better equipped to keep pace with the changing, and heightened, expectations of commercial software;
  • The rising number of key stakeholders, beyond the CIO and even the boardroom, who influence purchasing decisions and the need to include these influencers in the development process to meet their ever-changing needs;
  • Seven specific user demands that, if met, will ensure a commercial insurance software solution provides the desired user experience for customers. 

“Across industries, we are realizing that the inevitability of software development is that users tend to judge what they can’t see, based on what they can,” says Craig Robinson, head of business development, North America for Xuber. “We view the increased focus on providing excellent form and function as evidence of the importance of customer-centricity: Ultimately, users want what they want, when they want it, how they want it, all the time.”

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