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Zywave Expands Commercial Content Offering in Flagship Product

 Zywave, a leading insurance tech provider with the most expansive portfolio of sales management and client delivery solutions available, today announced a significant enhancement to its Broker Briefcase® P&C Edition (Broker Briefcase) that will provide users with access to more than 25,000 commercial content pieces. The new offering, P&C OneSource™, seamlessly integrates materials from trusted industry sources into Zywave’s exclusive content platform.  

Together, Broker Briefcase and P&C OneSource provide one of the most comprehensive sources for commercial insurance content and client delivery in the industry, with the addition of information from ISO (a Verisk business) and International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), and increased content offerings provided by The Rough Notes Company, Inc.

“From marketing and sales enablement to risk management and coverage analysis, the addition of the P&C OneSource offering within Broker Briefcase brings all the essential commercial lines insurance content, resources, and tools together in a user-friendly, searchable platform,” said Doug Marquis, Chief Technology Officer for Zywave. “Not only does this create business efficiencies, but it also enables commercial lines brokers to demonstrate their knowledge to clients and prospects in a wide variety of industries—in just minutes.”

Broker Briefcase will continue to feature proprietary content on an array of the industry’s hottest topics, such as compliance issues, cost-containment practices, and risk mitigation, as well as serve as a trackable, client-facing content delivery solution. The addition of P&C OneSource supplements that information with industry classification codes, policy forms, guides, manuals, and more.

“Rough Notes is proud to have been a part of Zywave’s Broker Briefcase since its inception with our Producer Risk Evaluation System,” said Linda Ferguson, CPCU, Senior Vice President of the Technical and Educational Products Division at Rough Notes. “We are excited to enhance its value with the addition of the robust Policy Form and Manual Analysis, containing more than 15,000 pages of coverage-related content and court case reviews.”

The upgraded platform includes access to IRMI’s popular Classification Cross-Reference tool directly inside of Broker Briefcase, which also links to ISO’s related Premium Audit Advisory Service content. Combining this with the Rough Notes Producer Risk Evaluation System—which recommends SIC, NAICS, GL and WC codes for more than 750 commercial risk classifications—results in a sophisticated, searchable interface that streamlines the process of classifying insureds during the application and renewal process. These tools will not only help brokers save time, but will also ensure greater accuracy.

“IRMI and Zywave are leading providers of information and tools that help insurance brokers work more efficiently, while providing the very best coverage, services, and cost combination to their customers,” said Jack Gibson, President and CEO of IRMI. “By marrying our products together, Zywave is demonstrating its commitment to providing the most robust, up-to-date content offering available, and we are excited to be a part of it.”

Additional resources within the P&C OneSource enhancement include:

  • ISO Engineering and Safety Service
  • ISO Premium Audit Advisory Service
  • IRMI Classification Cross-Reference
  • National Flood Insurance Program Flood Manual
  • Rough Notes Policy Forms and Manual Analysis
  • Rough Notes Producer Risk Evaluation System

Zywave will continue to integrate even more content from third-party partners in the coming months.

The new P&C OneSource offering is another way in which Zywave is reaffirming its commitment to the industry through significant investments in product innovations, research, and development.

For more information on Broker Briefcase and the new content offering, visit www.zywave.com/broker-briefcase-pc-edition.

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