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hybris Unveils Accelerator for Financial Services Companies to Improve E-Commerce

Staff Writer | June 29, 2015

hybris software, an SAP company, launched its Financial Services Accelerator, an omni-channel commerce and customer experience solution tailor-made for insurance firms as well as other financial services companies. The accelerator provides financial services organizations with a set of pre-configured integrations and pre-built customer portal templates that allow them to rapidly deploy a streamlined, personalized customer experience online.

hybris’ omni-channel solutions are now for the first time available for financial services. The customer journey in the insurance industry, and the financial services industry as a whole, is complex. The level of personalization that customer experience requires, in addition to the number of internal workflows that take place, means there is a staggering amount of complexity to manage. Despite this, today’s digitally-empowered, connected customer expects every experience to be seamless, consistent and easy regardless of channel and touchpoint.

hybris’ new Financial Services Accelerator will help financial institutions, particularly insurers, to quickly and efficiently embrace the converging worlds of digital and physical customer engagement and commerce. By significantly accelerating the amount of time it takes to implement transformational technology like omni-channel e-commerce, real-time, contextual marketing and personalization, it enables companies to overhaul their systems with minimal disruption and realize return on investment sooner.

The hybris Financial Services Accelerator enables institutions to rapidly and confidently deploy an omni-channel solution that meets their customers’ rising expectations. Pre-built templates and integrations for property, travel and event insurance policies make it easy for companies to get services up and running quickly and easily. Additional features include open interfaces for product and quotation integration, guided selling options to steer customers through the buying process, customer portals for improved selling and a ‘Quote Review Page’ to save and review quotes.

“With so much disruptive change within the industry, financial services companies understand the need to digitally transform the customer journey, and are looking to the retail sector for inspiration,” says Roland Bloesch, global director, financial services, for hybris and SAP customer engagement and commerce. “Our accelerator gives the industry a head start when it comes to enhancing their customer experience, by removing a layer of risk and complexity, and speeding up deployment time.”

Through rich product content, personalized landing pages and other functionality, the accelerator is also capable of boosting a company’s search engine optimization (SEO), making marketing budgets work harder and increasing relevant traffic to your customer portal.

Another important benefit of the accelerator is its Assisted Services Solution with an in-built chat function that enables an agent to take over a customer’s online frontend and quote, offer product support on the spot or simply complete an order. This helps to boost customer satisfaction, increase conversions and mitigate against abandoned journeys.

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