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Advice to Insurance IT Leaders: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Anyone who played any kind of ball as a child remembers the cardinal rule of all sports: Keep your eye on the ball. It should be engrained in the minds of any business people as well. None of us can afford to lose sight of what could be heading our way, whether it is a projectile being thrown in our direction or a business deal we can’t afford to watch slip away.

ITA LIVE will take place in about two months in the Fort Lauderdale area and this is a gentle reminder that if you wish to keep your eye on the bouncing ball that is insurance technology, you should make plans to attend the March 12-14 event.

The lineup of sessions is one that will keep you thinking for days and weeks after the event is over. Our speakers include some of the important minds in this industry—both familiar to our audience and maybe unfamiliar to some.

Keeping aware of what is happening around us was made clear in late December when the blockbuster deal between Guidewire Software and ISCS was announced. We have become conditioned to mergers and acquisitions in insurance—both among the carrier world and the solution provider community—but this one was a little bigger than most.

It signaled Guidewire’s reputation as a company that doesn’t mess around and has the financial backing to prove it. ISCS is not some company that was looking to market itself to bigger fish in hopes of getting a big payday. ISCS is a major player in the policy administration world, particularly among midtier and smaller companies.

The company has most recently displayed its talents in bringing core solutions to the cloud, which not too long ago was thought to be inconceivable, but today is in the wheelhouse for carriers looking to be more flexible.

ITALIVE will not tell you what the next major acquisition will be, but we will be able to tell you what sort of issues to look for as you plan your technology investments. Throw in the possibility of meeting other insurance carriers that may be in similar positions or, even better, be in a position to help advise you through the problems we all have dealt with and you will absolutely be keeping your eye on the ball.


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