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Electronic Chat with Allison Martin, CEO and Founder, UDoTest

Electronic Chat with Allison Martin, CEO and Founder, UDoTest

UDoTest is a Massachusetts-based, globally award-winning B2B at-home health screening software platform designed to personalize self-collection at-home lab-testing experiences. UDoTest has primarily been working with health plans, labs and physicians in the U.S. In partnership with many labs and state-licensed physicians, UDoTest can screen for 78 diseases in the home and has implemented a rigorous 20+ quality control labs testing procedure for COVID. Allison Martin founded the company in 2013 in South Africa with the introduction of the first at-home Pap smear to women. She believes in empowering people, and a better future for all with proactive, personalized and affordable healthcare. She’s is a leader with an unapologetic obsession with HPV, cervical cancer and saving lives.

Your roots are in South Africa, with a professional background in communications and telecommunications. How did you blend this experience with the healthcare field in Africa and globally?

I ran my own software company before UDoTest, and did some pretty amazing stuff on mobile phones. But what I learnt was that I’d like to use tech to help people more, and that's when I needed to go for my Pap smear!

Please tell us a little about when and how you came to found UDoTest.

I founded UDoTest in 2013 when I needed to go for my Pap smear and thought there had to be a better way. I was running another company at the time, but still could not believe that women were going for these invasive procedures. It was then that become obsessed with HPV and cervical cancer and with the help of many doctors, academics and pathologists learned there was an easier way. I also learned that cervical cancer was killing the most women out of all the cancers in my community. I therefore HAD to provide a better way to them, and I founded UDoTest.

Who are your primary customers, and what services do you offer them?

We are B2B specifically and we actively serve some of the largest insurers, employers, and labs today. Our most recent collaboration has been with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) directly.

What are the benefits to using your service?

It depends on the client, but the early identification of risk, increased engagement, and reduced costs are some of them.

What specific tech tools do you use to provide your services?

We have 66 proprietary software features, including but not limited to the customization of the at-home testing experience for their population, the verification of ID, and the live real-time reporting (especially important during COVID).

Your company was able to quickly pivot from general health screenings to at-home COVID screenings during the pandemic. How much of your business does COVID testing make up, and do you expect it to increase?

Surprisingly, not as much as you’d think. On the one hand, our work with HHS will dramatically increase. However, our work for employers and insurers involving broader-based chronic diseases and risk tests is increasing now, too -- because during COVID, many folks put off regular screenings with their doctors and those disease risks are increasing.

UDoTest was one of the insurtech cohorts selected for the 2020 Hartford Insurtech Hub accelerator. How did that experience help you connect with insurers and other potential clients?

Significantly! We have great relationships with the Hartford ecosystem.

How do you see the company growing in the next several years?

We offer such exciting at-home tests and the way we make it available to customers is unique. The entire at-home testing journey is made simple, high-quality, fast, comprehensive, and compliant for clients. We’re only getting significantly stronger in those aspects in the U.S. and beyond.

You have a strong commitment to women’s health issues. How does this play into your future plans for the company?

By providing the highest quality, most impactful, customized, needed testing solutions to populations that need it the most and to people who crave better solutions in a better world.



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