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Electronic Chat with Christopher Moore, Director for North American Sales Engineering and Solutions, Trifacta

Christopher Moore is Director for North American Sales Engineering and Solutions for Trifacta. Founded in 2012 with deep roots in the computer science labs at Stanford and UC Berkeley, Trifacta specializes in data preparation technology. Trifacta’s products draw on decades of research in human-computer interaction, scalable data management, and machine learning to make the process of refining data faster and more intuitive. More than 50,000 Data Wranglers across 12,000 companies use Trifacta solutions.

Your clients run the gamut from Google to Pepsico. What are the primary advantages of Trifacta for insurers and agents?

One thing nearly all insurance companies have in common is that there is a bottleneck between getting the huge amounts of data they have to a refined state where it can be used for analytics and predictive modeling. With Trifacta, our clients can collect, prepare, transform, and standardize that data to be leveraged in a competitive way through data preparation and data wrangling.

Who are some of your primary insurance clients, and how has using your product improved their operations?

We have worked with clients such as American Family Insurance, New York Life, and Mutual of Omaha. One way that Trifacta has helped the operational data teams within the insurers we work with is by helping ease the transition to modern cloud data ecosystems. Most insurers are looking to analyze and prepare data in any cloud ecosystem today -- be it AWS, Google, or Azure. In these environments using Trifacta, the ability to be more agile and collaborative with data, while operating with auditability and governance top of mind, is supported. This gives data teams the ability to action on data quickly and efficiently while maintaining the oversight and auditability of the outcomes that are generated.

Big data is only getting bigger, especially in the insurance field. What are the primary pain points for insurers in processing and analyzing data, and how does Trifacta help?

The tools insurers have used for the last 20+ years are generally not good at keeping up with the amount of volume they need to handle in 2021. Those tools are much more limited in enabling people to really understand the data they are working with and don’t provide insights for how to use it. Relying on those manual processes and tools negatively impacts both workflows and overall performance.

As an example, when it comes to claims analysis, a data preparation and analysis tool can accelerate common tasks required for predictive modeling or loss forecasting, turning them into automated and predictable pipeline workflows. Data wrangling can help uncover patterns, market capacity, and insurance fraud.

Your company comes at “data wrangling” from the academic end. What data challenges do you see in the insurance industry that set it apart from other business sectors?

One of the largest struggles within the insurance industry is that many are still stuck in the past, using manual processes like Excel spreadsheets or other text/code-driven platforms to manage their data. Because of the size and complexity that insurers have access to today, those old-fashioned ways of data wrangling are no longer equipped to handle the work insurers need done.

What growth projections do you have for your company over the next year?

The data engineering market is seeing incredible growth. In fact, the Dice 2020 Tech Job Report said data engineer is the fastest-growing job in technology, doubling year-over-year in the number of open positions. And the need for innovative data engineering solutions is growing even faster. We expect to more than triple customers and revenue in the coming year. 


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