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Electronic Chat with Robert Clark, CEO, Cloverleaf Analytics

Leveraging his knowledge and skills of past successes in creating business intelligence solutions, Clark founded and launched Cloverleaf Analytics in Austin, Tex., with the goal of providing the best insurance business intelligence and analytics solution in the industry. Cloverleaf Analytics’ end-to-end insurance BI solution improves insurers’ profitability and reduces risk by consolidating data across the enterprise for advanced analysis and cutting-edge visualizations. Customers realize ROI using an intuitive interface to access trend analysis, more than 500 KPIs and analytics, hundreds of industry reports and dashboards, mashups and data validation built on business rules engines. As CEO of Cloverleaf Analytics, Clark has spoken at different events on topics such as the future of IoT in the insurance arena, predictive analytics, and business intelligence.


You have a long history of insurtech and entrepreneurism. What was the impetus for launching Cloverleaf in 2015?

In 2015, the insurance industry still did not have a solid solution to get value out of the years of detailed data already in house. The introduction of big data, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) presented a great opportunity for carriers to utilize their existing data -- combined with third-party data to gather insights which would improve rate making, claims adjusting, fraud detection, underwriting decisioning, and operational efficiency, to name a few areas that could benefit from the new technologies. We launched Cloverleaf Analytics to provide a solution that would consolidate and normalize the data from all carrier operational systems into a centralized data store and data warehouse against which pre-built calculations, ML, and AI could be run. We set out to develop and provide a solution that would quickly get an insurance company into analyzing and understanding their business and succeeded with Cloverleaf Analytics’ flagship analytics platform.

What do you see as the biggest changes created by insurtech in the insurance industry?

One of the biggest changes created by insurtech is the speed of innovation. Smaller businesses need to be innovative to survive and they are aggressively developing new technologies to the benefit of insurers. Because of this speed of innovation, insurance companies are benefiting from new technologies that their own internal IT departments may not have foreseen or been nimble enough to develop quickly.

For the most part, insurance successfully pivoted to remote work and other adaptations during the pandemic. Which of these adaptations do you see as being the most transformational for the industry overall?

Working remotely has surely changed how insurance companies operate. I have spoken with a few insurers who are looking to downsize their brick-and-mortar footprint and adopt a permanent remote working culture. While this was very transformative, I believe the adoption of cloud and software as a service (SaaS) has been a major factor in insurers being successful at enabling remote workers. By adopting cloud-based technology solutions, insurers can support remote workers through software built for the web while at the same time offloading maintenance and support of systems to the vendor who provides those solutions. The adoption of the cloud combined with innovative insurtech SaaS solutions will help insurers modernize very quickly and at a very effective cost.

What do you believe are the key elements to Cloverleaf’s success?

One of the most important elements in Cloverleaf’s success is that we provide a solution that delivers both immediate and long-term benefits for our insurance customers. Having the knowledge to create this type of solution is only possible by having seasoned knowledgeable staff who have been in the insurance industry for many years. Our insurance experts put their knowledge and innovation into our solution and our customers can see the benefits immediately.

What are your plans for the company over the next few years?

We plan to continue growing Cloverleaf Analytics and to continually add and refine our solution’s capabilities. Our solution is a living, growing software solution, so we will continue to get feedback from our customers and evolve to make Cloverleaf Analytics the best in industry. Additionally, we will continue to create partnerships with policy and claims administration vendors, as well as third-party data providers, to build connectors which accelerate the ROI for our customers.

What do you like best about Austin, Texas?

Austin has a free spirit that meshes well with the culture of startups. The city is populated by founders and entrepreneurs from various industries, and let’s just say the motto “Keep Austin Weird” is lived daily here. Often when exploring downtown, you will see very interesting expressions of art, whether it be physical (like paintings or sculptures), or audible (like live bands in different venues). In addition to the expression of art, Austin is a very active athletic community, with running clubs, soccer clubs, cycling races, and much more. Just take a walk through Zilker Park and you will see how Austinites take advantage of the beautiful weather Texas has to offer and spend a great deal of time doing outdoor activities.

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