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Electronic Chat with Robin Roberson, Managing Director, North America, Claim Central Consolidated

Claim Central Consolidated delivers claims solutions within the ClaimLogik Plus open marketplace. The team helps deliver solutions that meet rapidly evolving policyholder expectations and improve claim handling efficiency. Services include virtual inspections as a service (VlaaS), managed repair, and other building blocks that improve technology and service accessibility for claims organizations of all sizes.

Your previous experience includes the launch of WeGoLook, an on-demand field services company that helped pioneer virtual desk adjusting. How did this segue into your work with Claim Central Consolidated?

The premise behind WeGoLook was to leverage on-demand gig workers to capture data in the field quickly and cost-effectively, which allowed adjusters to utilize this data to create desk estimation and focus on more complex claims. Over the past decade, there has been such an advancement of technology and tools, a carrier or client doesn’t typically need to send a third party to capture the data for low-complexity claims.

Coupled with a love of all things insurtech, I have always had a personal dream of bringing new, efficient solutions to the world. Claim Central Consolidated is allowing me to embrace my passion and providing carte blanche to build a digitally enabled, open claims ecosystem. We have soft launched with several service and technology providers, including a recent acquisition, Livegenic. This is exciting -- not only can I help scale the newest evolution of data capture with the robust Livegenic video collaboration tool, but Claim Central is also now able to offer virtual inspections as a service within the open marketplace by connecting Livegenic with one of our service providers (one of several pre-bundled solutions).

Please describe how the ClaimLogik platform enables this service.

ClaimLogikPlus’ VIaaS offering is powered by an open marketplace of insurtechs, pre-vetted service providers, and core technology. When an order for a virtual inspection as a service is placed via platform or webform, CLP technology gets to work identifying the appropriate service provider for that geography, and builds a scope of work to fit the needs of the customer.

Once a service provider accepts a scope of work, they are connected to an integrated Livegenic session via a deep partner-level integration. The Livegenic technology provided allows service providers to access, engage, and assess via livestream with policyholders to capture the necessary information to generate an estimate.

Once data capture is completed, a report is generated and all images, videos, and documents are automatically pushed back into ClaimLogikPlus. Using this data, the assigned service provider then generates an estimate in their preferred estimating software and uploads it into CLP. At the point of submission, Claim Central team members QA the work and approve it for delivery to the customer. A single, flat-fee invoice is also provided to the customer with Claim Central as the single payee, preventing the headache of having to generate separate payments based on technology engaged or the use of different service providers. Claim Central manages all of the unique vendor & technology payments so customers don’t have to.

What impact has COVID had on your business?

The pandemic has brought digitally enabled collaboration tools like Livegenic to the forefront for policyholder and carrier adoption. Policyholders were willing to use new applications to send data to a carrier versus having a third party come to their home. Rapid tech adoption by carriers is paving the way for additional tech integrations and the importance of a truly open ecosystem is more prevalent than ever.

We, of course, have as our primary focus the health and safety of staff, clients, and clients’ customers, so COVID-19 protocols supercede what might have been priorities in a pre-COVID environment.

What are the main benefits of virtual inspections for insurers? Are there any drawbacks?

There are many benefits of virtual inspections for insurers. First and foremost, there is no need to dispatch a field resource, and you gain expedited cycle times, reduced costs, greater adjuster efficiency (both internal and external), reduced fraud, and increased policyholder satisfaction scores. Many auto and property claims express repetitive damage scenarios that require less technical competency to assess, but at the same time, reflect the bulk of customer experiences. Not having to dispatch staff to conduct field inspections through the use of virtual inspections removes a significant time factor from FNOL to settlement, improving the results for a primary service key performance indicator (KPI), claim cycle time.Add to the functional value of virtual inspections the digital capture of claim factors/damages, and the depth of the direct damage “data lake” increases, providing more data for artificial intelligence (AI) analysis and movement to further improvements in virtual inspection/claim handling.

Some technical drawbacks remain if there is poor connectivity for live capture (not an issue for cached app with photos).When policyholders take photos/video, sometimes their content can be of a lower quality – but with our Virtual Inspections as a Service, we have a desk unit which supports the customer experience and helps direct the policyholder when needed.

What makes Claim Central stand out from other virtual inspection providers?

Claim Central is not only a virtual inspection provider, but rather a claim service ecosystem that can manage FNOL to repair and settlement options for carriers, TPAs, and adjusters. Think of the highest and best uses of claim organizations – prompt response, accurate damage assessment, quick determination of damage amount, digital settlement, and if needed, provision of restoration options. We provide IA firms, TPAs, and carriers access to multiple insurtechs and service providers with a single integration versus connecting to multiple disparate systems by providing digital enablement for each individual step a claim encounters for an insured.

How do you see your business evolving over the next year?

Claim Central’s development has been a whirlwind to date from engagement with the amazing team at Claim Central Consolidated, to building out proprietary tech to leverage the Claim Central concept within our market areas, to recognizing challenges and opportunities within those market areas. Our markets are not the same as Claim Central Australia/NZ/SA, but our customers’ needs are similar. We are focused on technology in North America, versus the service focus in Australia.

We will be rebranding this year and heavily promoting the Open Marketplace and our Managed Repair Program Network, TradesPlus, along with adding multiple providers and technology to our ecosystem.

The efficient, digitally turbocharged provision of claim services remains our goal, but claim processes cannot be a carrier’s or adjuster’s main focus. Processes are tools to ensuring a satisfied end customer. We are still evaluating the strengths of what we have accomplished to date and don’t be surprised at how Claim Central continues to solidify the benefits of the business model.

In addition, building a claim handling data aggregation and analysis aspect remains key to being a valuable part of insurance claims handling. We will be looking at additional acquisitions and will be introducing new concepts into the U.S. insurance (and soon the real estate) industry.

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