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ITA Pro Weekly, June 11, 1014



Insurers See Better Days Ahead with New Core Systems
There has never really been a debate over whether insurance carriers in the 21st century should replace legacy systems that were installed in the 20th century. Today's technology offers more bargain for the (big) bucks it takes to conduct such a project. READ MORE

Failure is the First Step to Success
The world where business meets technology is one that is full of examples of failed implementation. Or perhaps, better stated, it's full of good ideas that failed to gain traction until someone figured out the proper combination of people, process, and technology required in order to make a significant paradigm shift possible. READ MORE


Nearly 500 P&C, Life and Health insurers use OnBase, an Enterprise Content Management solution designed and developed for the insurance industry. OnBase is rapidly deployable and configurable, combining document management and business process automation into a single solution that seamlessly integrates with a carrier's core policy, billing and claims applications. www.onbase.com/insurance

The Right Way of Dealing with Customers
When customers refuse to listen to reasonable advice from professionals that is when it is nice to break out the big guns: the data. We all value our customers greatly; they are the lifeblood of our business, but they also can be exasperating and difficult. READ MORE

Ditch the Onboard Device, But Not the UBI Model
Here is a typical onboard diagnostic device UBI business model. An auto insurer decides to get into the usage-based insurance game in 2013. The insurer partners with a reputable telematics consultant/data bureau that requires a $250,000 start-up investment. READ MORE

Still Alive and Kicking
Much like the great author Mark Twain, rumors of the death of RFPs are greatly exaggerated. READ MORE

Featured Solution of the Week
Insurity enables property & casualty insurers to modernize their enterprise and achieve their business goals through our suite of core processing applications and data integration and analysis solutions, both enabled by rich insurance expertise. READ MORE


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