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ITA Pro Weekly, September 2, 2015

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ITA Pro Weekly


Do You Have Enough Underwriters?
Insurers are coming face-to-face with a talent gap and need to address the art of underwriting. READ MORE

The Time Was Right to Invest in Technology
Predictive analytics and predictive modeling have slowly crept into the world of workers` compensation and as its value has been demonstrated, Matt Crum, president of the family-owned Frank Winston Crum Insurance Company, felt the time was right for the workers` comp and general liability company to make the investment. READ MORE

Insurance IT Leaders Struggle to Admit When They Are Wrong
One of the most difficult things for any executive to do, but particularly CIOs, is to admit that a mistake has been made. For some reason, saying the words "I was wrong" is more difficult for CIOs than almost anything else, up to and including the ever popular proclamation that the project is "on time and on budget." READ MORE

Big Data: Restructuring the Information Factory
It might be an alert about a hurricane that unexpectedly flashes on a smartphone`s screen. Or the fact that a travel website finds that searches were made for flights to Chicago a week before, and is now suggesting bargain airfares. READ MORE

ITA Insurance Technology Headlines of the Week

ValueMomentum Updates its Agent Portal Solution

ISCS Adds Business Intelligence Expert to Team


Featured Solution of the Week
DocFinity delivers easy-to-use software that integrates into your world. Insurers of all sizes and types, including Medicaid/Medicare processors, use DocFinity ECM, Workflow and eForms to complement claims, policy, and other core systems--image enabling work environments and managing the lifecycle of documents. READ MORE


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