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New Date, Venue for ITA LIVE 2017

Jim Daggett is co-founder and executive director of the Insurance Technology Association. Periodically he checks in with the ITA membership to discuss plans and issues for the coming months. This month, Daggett discusses some of the changes coming for ITA LIVE 2017 and the editorial calendar for the coming year.

What will be new at ITA LIVE 2017?

DAGGETT: First off, there is a new venue for the conference, although it will once again be in Fort Lauderdale. We also have a new date, March 12-14. What will really be new this year, though, is the concentration on many of the newer aspects of insurance technology. It is our intent to keep attendees abreast of the changes coming our way and there are many new developments in the industry. A year ago, one of our most popular sessions involved the discussion led by Rusty Sproat on his new company, Figo Pet Insurance. Many attendees were caught off guard by what Rusty was doing, not just with the insurance portion of his company, but his connection to the pet-owner community. That’s what we hope to achieve every year with ITA LIVE. We want to bring you information that you may not have seen or heard anywhere else. (For more information on the event or to register here.)

Does that mean there will be a lot of discussion about insurtech?

DAGGETT: Absolutely. We are using the theme Launchpad: Time to Soar for ITA LIVE and it is no coincidence that Launchpad also is the name of the new insurtech department in the magazine. There are many things we don’t yet know about some of the new technology and the new players in the insurance market, but it is imperative that we pay close attention to what is going on in this area based on some of the ideas we have heard and the quality of the companies involved.

Can you give us a feel for some of the sessions that are planned for ITA LIVE 2017?

DAGGETT: It’s hard to pin down one or two sessions, but what I like is the variety of topics. Sessions on dealing with Millennial customers, keeping pace with changing customer expectations, technology for the sharing economy, and how carriers can model their engagement with insurtech companies promise to be lively and thought provoking. I’m also excited to hear Bryan Fowler, of Oregon Mutual, discuss how a smaller company deals with the pressure to engage new technology without benefit of the huge research and development budgets that larger carriers have available. We believe there will be something for everyone at ITA LIVE, whether you are a large carrier or a midtier and whether you are on the P&C side or on the life and annuity side.

We are about to turn the calendar to 2017. What sort of topics will be covered in ITA Pro for the coming year?

DAGGETT: We will once again publish eight issues of ITA Pro in 2017 with four print issues and all eight available electronically on our website, or through our app, which is available exclusively to members of the ITA. Our February issue, for example, will focus on two of the major core systems—policy administration and claims—and while these are familiar topics, it is important that we understand what successful carriers are doing in those areas and what the large number of carriers that have yet to make the change to a modern platform need to examine before pulling this extremely important trigger. We will also keep a close eye on the scary issues that face all companies today—insurance and other financial services—and that is the security of our data. The hacking of data is reaching epidemic proportions and too many countries look at such criminal activity as a growth industry. Needless to say, the effect that the new presidential administration will have on all businesses in 2017 will be closely watched by all of us.

The ITA has completed three years of operation. Are there any major plans for years four and five?

DAGGETT: As we have seen over these last three years, the insurance technology world is moving faster than many of us ever imagined, so keeping ahead of the race is challenging and extremely important. One thing we will work on is the continued growth of our membership. We believe the content we provide in the magazine, on the web, and with ITA LIVE is invaluable to insurance IT leaders and it will only get better as we add more members, who are willing to share their stories.



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