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Southern Insurance Underwriters Announces Partnership with Morley Medical

Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. (SIU) is partnering with Morley Medical, Inc. (Morley Medical) to collaborate on distributing an artificial intelligence (AI)-based, predictive analytics tool, The Risk MitigatorSM, designed to dramatically impact healthcare risk management in terms of better predicting and managing cases of sepsis in hospital patients for improved health and insurance outcomes. 

“Sepsis is a leading cause of patient deaths and excessive medical costs, including COVID-19 patient treatment,” said Hugh Nelson, SVP for SIU. “From an insurance perspective, being able to provide healthcare organizations or hospital client companies with a tool to mitigate the risk of patients contracting sepsis is a game changer.”

The Risk Mitigator uses proprietary AI and machine learning (ML) technology to analyze data from individual patient’s medical records, transmitted in real-time, to produce highly accurate predictions for the potential of sepsis development. By providing an early sepsis warning to physicians and hospital staff, The Risk Mitigator improves patient care, delivers hospital expense savings, and reduces the frequency and severity of health and  malpractice claims.

“The use of AI and machine learning to analyze large-scale and complex health data in real time can help predict and identify critical clinical conditions such as sepsis before clinicians do,” said Donny Johnson, CEO of Morley Medical. “The Risk Mitigator presents clinicians with actionable clinical decision support alerts and insights that facilitate the proactive delivery of customized and efficient care for individual hospital patients.”

Deployed as a standalone, cloud-based software solution, The Risk Mitigator can be remotely implemented and quickly customized for individual facilities with minimal involvement from a hospital’s IT staff. Hospitals currently utilizing the tool have seen the early detection/prediction results as far in advance as 72 hours ahead of a sepsis diagnosis.

SIU is currently distributing The Risk Mitigator through a network of firms having existing client relationships with prospective hospitals.  This distribution also involves healthcare insurers and large self-insured employers interested in reducing medical treatment costs by utilizing the data output to monitor treatment of insured persons during hospitalization.

About Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. (SIU)

Founded in 1964, Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. (SIU) is a wholesale specialty agency providing creative underwriting placement of personal and commercial property, casualty and health insurance coverages. For more information, please visit 

About Morley Medical, Inc. (Morley Medical)

Morley Medical, Inc. (Morley Medical) is a first-in-class innovator in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and clinical data services, using predictive analytics tools to solve healthcare’s biggest problems globally. For more information, please visit 


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